Talks From The Warehouse

Interns’ Comments

“I am still in awe that God has blessed me by placing me here. To see the incredible love that so clearly comes from God’s heart pouring out over so many is moving me closer and closer to who the Father is and how relentlessly He cares. It’s so beautiful to witness a glimpse of heaven in the healing and following of Christ.” – Besom Internship year 2015 – 2016

I feel like I am only beginning to get a glimpse of God’s heart for the poor. The teaching over the past year has challenged and affected me in a profound way, and the repercussions of those challenges, of opening my eyes, of demonstrating God’s love, will continue for the rest of my life.” – Besom Internship year 2006 – 2007

I am standing now in a place of complete freedom. I am not defined by my past. I am pure and clothed in white. I am innocent. That is who I am; that is how I walk forward. I will remember this year as the wall crashing down by the Almighty’s Hand and the remnants being swept away never to be seen again.Besom Internship year 2015 – 2016

This was a year of Jesus preparing me for living my life with Him and following Him wherever His Spirit leads. He taught me to open up to Him and to let myself be ‘seen’ and be loved. And it could not have been a safer place to learn the beauty of exposing my inner self and becoming vulnerable, learning that the rewards are too rich to miss out on – truly the life to the full that Jesus promises.” – Besom Internship year 2008 – 2009

“I have been wanting to write to you for the past few weeks now as community has been a topic that I’ve been thinking about a lot and discussing with those around me out here. I’ve noticed that so many people I have spoken to are so hungry for the concept of community and being intentional with those that they ‘do life with’ and yet so few have actually come close to the experience that I, and other interns, have had.  I feel so aware of how rich I am from the experiences I have had of community and living intentionally in the greenhouse mews. The friendships that are the most dear to me, the most deep, the most challenging (in a good way), enriching, safe, vulnerable, real and hopefully long-lasting, are all with people that have received the same teaching from you about what it looks like to do life in that way. And that’s no coincidence! I’m so grateful for all that you have taught all of us.” – Besom Internship year 2008 – 2009 (from an email from abroad – 2013)

I will never forget a lady on the [single mums’] weekend saying: ‘This is real love and it’s God’s love and it’s real and true and lasts forever and He puts it in us and loves through us’. It’s so funny because Jesus is so clear that love is key but we seem to look for so many other solutions. But this last year, we have been encouraged to concentrate on love and it has been so amazing to see the changing power and the beauty love brings.Besom Internship year 2006 – 2007

I started the internship without a clear understanding of God’s heart for the poor and, although I know there is so much more of His Heart that I still need to know, He did reveal plenty this year to change my life. He has begun to break my heart for the poor. One night I sensed Him saying to me: ‘Wash My feet. If you are looking for My feet, you’ll find them among the dirty, hungry, naked and broken. Come and find Me…for that is where I am’. So I guess I had better get on and go after Him!Besom Internship year 2006 – 2007

I arrived full of pride. Having had for a long time a lack of self-esteem, I had developed sure methods for suppressing it – one of which was to think very highly of myself. But what I couldn’t get past was the love that just would not budge, would not compromise in order to make me feel better and that was totally outside my pathetic control. As I see myself more and more in His great light, I realise I am His possession and none other. I am free. As His alone, I am choosing His will, because I am free to be passionate for Him and I know His wry smile and beckoning hand along the narrow path of adventure.Besom Internship year 2015 – 2016

I am in the place now where I am soaking up the Truth of Who God is. I feel like I am just starting on my journey with Christ and following Him and not what others say about Him. Before this year, I was so frustrated with my walk with Jesus and found my journey boring and hard. It is still hard – but what an adventure. In two days, I am off to India so let the games begin.Besom Internship year 2005 – 2006

I entered this year knowing Jesus loved the destitute and was so beautiful, but never knew He looked at me with love. Every so often now I sense Him doing that – it has broken my heart.Besom Internship year 2006 – 2007

I have learned this year that I am completely known and loved by God. It took me going to South Africa to see that I feared failure in relationships and therefore refrained from sharing myself because I did not want to get hurt. This prevented me from getting close to anyone, including me. Finally in anguish I cried out to God and He was faithful and healed me and I am now able to be my real self, free from fear of others, from closing off and from being ‘fine’. I have learned that I do not need to place my value in seeming intellectual, or having it together, or getting it right or pleasing people or being popular or being better. Instead, I can trust in Him alone; the One Who embraces me, not letting go until His love has permeated my whole being.Besom Internship year 2012 – 2013

I have become aware of a courage creeping in to begin to dare to really seek and love and thirst for Truth; to take Him at His word and trust that the One Who is calling up that desire in me really can and will lead me – not just on some interesting or even deeply good journey but into all Truth.Besom Internship year 2014 – 2015

This has been a year where God has gently, and at times not so gently, broken me down and built me back up again. I feel I have been remoulded, melted and re-formed. God’s power and Truth have been revealed to me in ways that go beyond anything I had experienced before. I have been shown the Father’s love in new ways. The depth of His love is so great that He cares about the most intricate details of our lives. He wants us to have the best and He has that for us.Besom Internship year 2014 – 2015

Little did I know I was bound by chains of lies, doubt and disbelief. In terms of me and God, it has been a year of discovery, of those chains breaking and of God’s eternal and unfailing love for me going from head knowledge to heart knowledge. I have discovered God in awesome new ways.Besom Internship year 2006 – 2007

What relief to know that I have been made specifically and that I don’t need to be anyone else. The narrow path is where I desperately want to go. I yearn for Him even more than I did before. My relationship with Him is rawer and more real than ever before. I have finally met with the Jesus I wanted to know about (rather than perhaps the less radical and more middle class one I was told about). – Besom Internship year 2015 – 2016

Slowly I am learning to love like God loves. That is something I get glimpses of every now and then and it is so wonderfully overwhelming. I had a picture of a girl living under a tree in the shadows feeling chained to the tree and looking out longingly at the sunshine and wanting to dance in it, but knowing she couldn’t as she was chained. But then I saw that the truth was the chains had been undone and she was in fact still choosing to stay in the shadows. For so long she had been free to dance in the sun but had chosen, out of fear, to stay in the shadow of the tree. God has been coaxing me out from the shadows and into the light. I had looked jealously at the light for so long but am finally realizing I belong to it.Besom Internship year 2014 – 2015

The internship has been about so many different things….I guess I am falling more and more in love with the God of the poor, homeless, destitute and dying. But one thing I know is that it is as I give up my life that God gives me more life than I can handle. Intimacy with Him is like nothing else. I still struggle against Him and get confused and cross but I think He’s got me onto the road to freedom and love.Besom Internship year 2007 – 2008

What relief to know that I have been made specifically and that I don’t need to be anyone else. The narrow path is where I desperately want to go. I yearn for Him even more than I did before. My relationship with Him is rawer and more real than ever before. The Jesus I wanted to learn about (rather than perhaps the less radical and more middle class one I was told about) I finally have met with.Besom Internship year 2014 – 2015

How little I understood the character of God, how deep rooted my sense of rights. Stubborn to a fault, and with a victim spirit to match, I wore the badge of my pain proudly. But haul me out He did – steaming at the rate of an express train through each fear, lie and aspect of control given and received. I see now that out of His unconditional love, He couldn’t stop until I was free. This past year has ruined my life in the best way possible and I leave forever changed. I had no concept that in His Grace I would receive healing beyond any restoration I could possibly have imagined. What a precious gift to love and be loved. I’ve experienced a glimpse of the Kingdom.Besom Internship year 2015 – 2016